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7 Concepts To Create The Ideal Landscape Design

The variations in contemporary landscape designs are endless, but the most successful designs have some qualities in common. Avalon Design Group can help you create and customize a look for your front yard or backyard spaces. We devote our attention to fundamental concepts such as:

#1: Straightforward Designs

A bus or cluttered landscape design can confuse or distract your visitors. Focus their attention on a few prominent features and keep the gardens, hedges, and lawns tidy.

#2: Variations on a Theme

Don’t let your landscape design become too monotonous. Add splashes of color, interesting shapes, and unique features. The differences between elements highlight the similarities.

#3: Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Concepts

Ponds, gardens, and artistic features with internal symmetry, such as circles and rectangles, give structure to outdoor spaces. Violations of symmetry, such as irregular garden patches, statues, and trees, draw attention if they contrast with a large-scale symmetry.

#4: Central Elements

Establish the theme for your backyard or garden design with a memorable centerpiece that enhances curb appeal. The central design features should not overwhelm the landscape but should give visitors a landmark that helps them take in the scene.

#5: Sequential Experience

Turn your experience into a journey by drawing attention from central elements to other parts of the landscape design. Lead your visitor’s attention through your front yard or landscapes.

#6: Important Ratios

Backyard landscapes are easier on the eyes if they keep the essential design elements in proportion. Prevent large elements from dominating the design and keep your visitors from overlooking small but crucial design aspects.

#7: Consistent Decor

Maintain a common style for your design elements, such as rustic or modern. Tie together the theme of your garden with your home and other outdoor structures by highlighting similarities in color, shape, and style.

Create Unique Professional Landscapes with Avalon Design Group

Consultation with our landscape design experts can help you get the full potential from your property’s front yard, backyard, pool, or other areas while boosting the value of your home and impress your neighbors with a uniquely crafted design that draws upon established principles and an innovative spirit.

Avalon Design Group is a locally-owned company with decades of experience creating magnificent outdoor spaces. To get started with your next Rhode Island landscaping project, fill out our online form today to schedule a consultation.

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