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How to Transform Your Front Yard

The front yard at your home or business strongly influences the first impression guests have of your property. You can transform its appearance with these ideas that involve creative tips on boosting your lawn’s aesthetic appeal with the help from the experts at Avalon Design Group.

Plant Shrubs around Your Walkways

You can guide guests through the front lawn to your front door with a beautiful walkway. Landscaping professionals often recommend lining walkways with both evergreen and deciduous shrubs. These plants offer colors throughout the year and also provide borders to make your walkway stand out.

Ground Covering

Having only grass in the front of your property can leave your curb appeal at less than its full potential. By incorporating professionally designed landscape beds that can be filled with some form of ground covering, usually wood mulch or decorative landscape rock, will help bring out the color of your home or business and overall increase aesthetics.

Put in a Patio

Are you interested in outdoor entertaining? Patios built in front yards are ideal spaces for hosting gatherings. The most common material type used for constructing patios are pavers as they allow a wide range of options such as color, installation style (unique patterns), size and more.

Add a Striking Feature

Catch your visitors’ attention by installing water features such as fountains or fire pits alongside your landscaping. These landscaping projects bring more life to front lawns. They may also serve as fun outdoor activities.

Looking into different ground covers can also take your lawn to the next level.

Make a Statement with Your Entrance

You can easily make your home’s entrance a focal point of your landscaping. Draw attention to the entrance naturally by planting bright and colorful plants around the door. Depending on your available space, you may want to plant twin flower beds on either side of the door.

Keep Your Lawn Well-Maintained

Beautifying your front lawn does not end after the initial landscape installation work. You can maintain a great-looking lawn with regular maintenance throughout the year. Our professional team can step in to keep your property in excellent condition.

It’s best practice to remove dead branches, trim hedges, remove weeds, and mow at least once per week. Make sure to use the right balance of fertilizers to keep your lawn looking great and weed-free throughout each season. As a result, you save time and hassle while enhancing your home’s property value.

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