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What’s the Best Paver Installation Pattern for Your Backyard Patio?

A well-designed patio can transform your yard into an exceptional entertainment spot for your family and guests. In this blog post, we will explore various popular paver installation patterns to help you select the best fit for your outdoor living area. Each pattern offers unique appeal and aesthetic qualities.


The herringbone pattern is a standout option that adds a luxurious aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space. With its zig-zag layout, this pattern complements the overall landscape and provides exceptional durability and strength. It is particularly suitable for high-traffic patios.


For a charming and visually appealing design, consider the windmill pattern. This layout features overlapping pavers, creating a circular pattern and providing an illusion of grandeur. It is particularly suitable for smaller patios to make the space appear more expansive.


Seeking a classic and timeless design? The basket-weave pattern offers perfect symmetry and balance to your patio. By placing two pavers vertically and two pavers horizontally, this design creates a sense of order and beauty.

Circle Fleuri

If you’re looking for a unique focal point, the circle fleuri pattern is a show-stopping design. By combining radial circles and straight lines, this geometric masterpiece creates a sophisticated and eye-catching design element for your outdoor space.

Running Bond Pattern

For those desiring a natural look, the running bond pattern is an ideal choice. It involves fanning out the pavers towards the center of the patio, resembling the appearance of wood and providing an inviting atmosphere.


The random pattern refers to the installation of pavers without a discernible layout, resulting in a completely custom and unique patio, walkway, or driveway. Certain paver brands, particularly those that offer Cobblestone, are most suitable for installation in a random pattern.

Hire the Rhode Island Paver Experts

These popular paver installation patterns offer a range of options to enhance the beauty and functionality of your patio, making it an inviting and stylish extension of your home. To begin the design process of your next project, reach out to the team at Avalon Design Group today.

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